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Door of No Return #2068


The Door of No Return in the House of Slaves is said to be the final exit point of the slaves from Africa. It is on Goree Island, off the coast of Senegal in West Africa.

In reality it is unlikely that slaves actually walked through the door. The House of Slaves was used to keep slaves for both domestic use and for sale to Europe and America. The house has been restored since the 1970s. Despite the shrine-like status of Goree Island, only an estimated 26,000 of the 12 million slaves that left Africa are thought to have passed through the island.

The earliest recorded trading in Goree Island dates back to 1536. Historians attribute first recorded slavery to be conducted by Portuguese in 1444. It began from the House of Slaves which was built by the French in 1776. As the last slave house still standing, the island is now considered a memorial.

Source Wikipedia Door of No Return | This text licensed under GNU Free Documentation License

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